Behind The Scenes Heartbreak For My Kitchen Rules Star

2017-02-21 22:13:17Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It’s no secret that My Kitchen Rules is filled with drama but this was one thing we really didn’t see coming!

We have all fallen in love with Della Whearty on MKR, her personality is just so addictive to watch… but it turns out that she is actually battling pretty hard with her personal life behind the cameras.

Della has revealed in an exclusive interview with New Idea that she has been dealing with the break-up of her marriage behind the cameras.

The Queensland mum told the magazine that her and her husband Chris separated not long after she returned home from being on the MKR set.

Della stated that she made the “confronting decision to end their marriage after months of heartache and soul-searching.”

She continued, “Over Christmas and New Year, we decided that we would separate…  It all happened in the midst of MKR... I’ve had a lot going on... I think deciding to separate is a really brave decision to make, and I’m really proud of Chris and me because I think it’s easy to stay in a marriage that isn’t right and have that security and comfort.”

The couple have one three year old daughter Harvie. Della has also revealed that she believes that one of the reasons they struggled with their marriage was because they found it hard to fall pregnant which then put strain on their relationship.

Della told New Idea, “We struggled with infertility before having Harvie… She ended up coming along naturally after three years of really tough going, and it was very hard on our relationship – very hard.”

We hope she is okay!

Image Credit: Channel Seven

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