Melissa McCarthy Just Revealed Whether Or Not We'll See More Of Sookie!

2017-01-14 23:48:44Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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We all flipped our lids when they revealed that a Gilmore Girls revival was happening.

If like us, you binge-watched the entire series just so you knew you were up to date with everyone in the show, you would have no doubt fallen back in love with Sookie St. James.


The chef of the Independence and Dragonfly Inn's is just so adorably funny that we honestly couldn't imagine Stars Hollow without her.

People were a bit disappointed that Sookie only had a small cameo in the revival and Melissa McCarthy, the actress who played the chef in the show, has finally revealed if we'll ever see more of her.

Although, you probably won't like the answer.

Melissa has said that if she does head back on to the Gilmore Girls set, she doesn't want it to be playing Sookie.

"No [I wouldn't come back as Sookie], but I would come back as Lorelai. And that is a challenge to Lauren Graham.”


Yep, that's what she said.

But don't worry guys, it was only a joke to throw us off the scent.

Melissa thinks that the ending of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life definitely left the gates open for more episodes, just like us.

In an interview with ET, she said she was a little sceptical on those "last four words".

“I had been waiting a long time to know, because [creator] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] had always said she knows exactly how it ends, but now it’s like, ‘Is that the last four words?’”

So perhaps Melissa would be keen to bring back Sookie after all!


Or will she only come back as Lorelai just to mess with us?

Either way, it looks like she reckons we'll be seeing more episodes in the future, the only question now is, when?

Image: The CW

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