Matty J Reveals He Had To Run To The Bathroom To Cry Post Bachelorette Decision

2016-10-31 00:24:50Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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We've just returned from our recovery weekend, which insisted of chocolate ice cream and many tears, after Georgia Love's Bachelorette decision - and now Matty J has hit us with this depressing bombshell.  

Last week's finale was enough to make the entire Aussie population swear off reality dating shows for good, after puppy dog Matty was brutally dumped for us all to see.

And now, after we had almost forgotten the look of heartbreak in his eyes, the 29-year-old admitted to Popsugar, he still loves the no-longer Bachelorette. 

"As hard as it is to say this, my feelings towards Georgia haven't changed at all really. I still miss her. I still love her," Matty revealed. 

He explained that getting over the 28-year-old has been extremely hard, especially since he couldn't tell anyone until just last week that he hadn't won.

"It really is such a huge relief, because up until now it's all just been bottled up inside - to the point where my phone would go off and people would be like, 'Is that Georgia messaging you?' And you don't want to be like, 'It's not! She didn't pick me! It's Lee, Goddammit!' 

"And so then you have to be like, 'Ooh maybe it is, I don't know!' And then run to the bathroom and start crying." 

Well, isn't that just something we DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW!

Although, despite all the heartache the final decision brought Australia's loveable Matty J, he still took to social media to wish all the best to the new couple, saying that they both "deserve nothing less."

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