MAFS Insiders Dish The Dirt On What Really Goes Down After The Cameras Stop Rolling

2016-09-12 06:18:03Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

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We know we are not the only ones literally hanging on the edge of our chairs as the Married At First Sight Australia finale quickly approaches. If you are anything like us, you are literally counting down the moments to find out which of your favourite couples stays together.

However, we may be reaching for the stars as according to sources connected closely to the show... none of them will get a happy after!

Errr.... well according to Woman's Day, all three of the remaining brides 'ditch' their husbands either before OR after the cameras stop rolling!

The reasons behind these speculations?

Well we thought that Mark and Monica, were the "couple of the season" with Mark's gushy social media posts and humorous banter, we thought this was a done deal, but there are reports of Mark being spotted on Tinder and the insider claims that " Mark was never interested in finding love and only appeared on the show after being headhunted by producers". 

Mmm very interesting...

When it come's to Keller and Nicole's relationship , well last week's expolsive episode meant that viewers started to see cracks appear in their relationship and it looks like they haven't been to come back from it.

When it comes to Bella and Michael, they seem to have a good chemistry and are very open about their physical relationship, however, rumours have been swirling that that all changed the second that the cameras stopped rolling.

 Well one thing is definitely certain, the finale of the show Tuesday night set to air at 8.40pm on Channel Nine will be anything but boring!


Photo Credit-Channel Nine

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