MAFS' Andrew Reveals He Hasn't Left His House Since Lauren Left Him On TV

2017-02-20 03:15:23Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Lauren running away from her marriage to firefighter Andrew hit us all pretty hard, but we couldn't imagine how he felt.

After marrying a stranger on national television, the firefighter had been left on his own the day after his wedding.

Lauren disappeared without a trace and this week, we've discovered that Andrew and Cheryl are giving a relationship a go.


In an interview with TV Week, despite still trying to find love on the show, Andrew said that he hasn't left his house since his tragic wedding episode aired.

He explained that he's "not shopping" and "doesn't plan to go out at night" because he doesn't want people recognising him.

He also mentioned that when he ran out of water at home due to a plumbing problem, he went through a drive through instead of buying water at the counter.

Andrew was devastated when Lauren left him, not even allowing their marriage to last a full day.

"We were having laughs all the way through the night," he explained in the episode.

"She was definitely having a good time. [We] came back from the wedding. We'd made plans to go out… we came down the elevator, out the front.

"I turned around to see where she was and she was completely gone. Literally gone."

Does this also mean his relationship with Cheryl didn't work out either?


In the interview, Andrew explained that he was unsure about her intentions, but then Lauren explained in an Instagram post that he also had different intentions whilst on the show.

So did they stay together, or was Cheryl not right for him?

Image: Channel Nine

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