Massive Gilmore Girls Spoiler As Script Is Leaked Online

2016-09-07 22:05:25Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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If you're anything like us, which we know you are, you're pretty darn excited about the Gilmore Girls reboot that's coming up!

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead... but NOT the kind that will make you hate us...

We've been re-watching the original seasons and sharing it around with anyone we can spread the Gilmore Girls obsession to, and now there's been a massive spoiler leaked online with the release of the first page of the official script!

It's massive news for any Gilmore Girls fan, because the script reveals some major info on where Rory has been... 

The first episode, titled 'Winter' (the subsequent episodes are said to be called 'Spring', 'Summer', etc.), sees Lorelai waiting at the airport for Rory

They have their usual exchange of enviable and quirky mother/daughter banter, and then Lorelai reveals that Rory has been "in a glorified tin can for seven hours", aka a plane...

As to be expected, fans have pulled apart the script in every way possible and the whole 'seven hour plane trip' info is a BIG spoiler.

Why? Well it's pointing towards the fact that Rory may have been living abroadbecause no plane trip within the U.S takes that long unless you're taking a crazy amount of stops!

One media outlet pointed out that the top secret news of British actress Alex Kingston being cast in a role with extreme importance to Rory's life, is also in support of Rory living overseas. 

Plus! The photos which have been released from the set of the revival also suggest Rory will be in Star Hollows for the majority of her time, after her career in journalism has been put on hold. 

Does all this mean Rory will be moving back to her hometown, to start again?!

We'll all have to wait and see until Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life airs on Netflix at the end of the year!

Images: Warner Bros. TV

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