These Leaked Videos Of Disney Channel Stars Filming Ads Are So AWKWARD!

2016-11-17 02:32:55Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Growing up watching Disney Channel, you would have remembered the cute little ads where you're favourite stars introduce themselves and tell you what show they're from before drawing a pair of glittery mouse ears with a wand.

It's become a signature trait for the channel to play these before a show starts, but one thing we all didn't realise is how awkward it was for our favourite actors to film.

New videos leaked online show Raven Symone, Hilary Duff, Lalaine and even Beans trying their best to be perky in a very weird film shoot.


Raven wasn't too happy when the director told her to do it again. It's Raven dude, she's already perfect!


Hilary Duff was okay with how everything went, but didn't realise that she was supposed to be drawing mouse ears and drew a lot of squiggles instead.


Jake Thomas, who played Matt in Lizzie McGuire, got a bit tongue-tied when it was his time to film.


And Kyle Massey, who played Raven's brother in That's So Raven, got just a tad distracted.


At least Lalaine, who you may remember as Lizzie McGuire's bff Miranda, was having a good time dancing in between takes.

Do these videos make you feel weird too?

Image: Disney Channel

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