Keller Just Dug His Hole Even Deeper On MAFS

2016-09-12 23:27:38Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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It was nothing but fun and games for newlyweds Nicole and Keller in the beginning, however, as the story usually goes on reality tv... things took a turn for the worse.

Head-to-toe-tattooed Keller was pretty quick to win us all over with his bad-boy-gone-sweetheart persona, which flourished from the second he met his "wife". Although, he went ahead and lost quite a few fans last week after a certain slut-shaming insult aimed at fellow contestant Bella. 


Understandably, national TV slut-shaming is a big fat no no, and so wife Nicole started to question what kind of person her new hubby and apparent enigma, Keller is. 

And that's only the beginning of the downfall. 

Last night's episode landed Keller in even hotter water with Nicole after returning from a wild night with the Navy boys, with a hangover... oh, and a new tattoo. 

After Nicole expressed her surprisingly calm concern, Keller responded in the height of maturity, "I'm a big boy, and I know what I can do and what I can't do," and then continued to mimic Nicole's voice. 


The show's psychologist Mel Schilling said, "when a person fundamentally believes that they are not good enough, it is likely that they will sabotage a healthy relationship." 

By the end of the episode, Nicole had left to stay at her friend's place, leaving poor old Keller sad and alone with his thoughts. 

Has this bad-boy-turned-sweetheart-turned-bad-boy lost his chances with the first girl he's ever felt a genuine connection with? 

Photo credit: Channel 9

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