EXCLUSIVE: Keira Maguire Tells Us How She REALLY Feels About The Finale

2016-09-17 00:26:36Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

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Everyone in Australia lost their sh*t when fan-favourite Nikki Gogan did not win Richie’s heart on The Bachelor.

We've been interested in how the previous contestants felt about the upset, so we asked bachie bad girl Keira Maguire about her thoughts – and she only had good things to say!

“[The finale] wasn’t a shock to me because Alex won. I’m genuinely happy they have each other and have found love. That’s what the shows about. I always knew she was the winner.”

Although she was excited for the very loved-up couple, she was sad for Nikki, who was very open about her feelings. 

“It was just very hard for me to watch [Nikki] who I had a close connection with, someone who is such a gem, fall in love and then to watch her get her heart broken like that." 

We also checked in with Keira’s BFF Sasha Zhuravlyova who had a very different opinion: 

“I am in shock and disbelief. I was sure that Richie was not ready for a kid. But if he thinks he is, I am very happy for them and wish them all the best.”

Even though everyone is feeling the burn of Richie’s decision, we wish him and Alex all the best.

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