Karl Stefanovic's Wife Cassandra Hits Out At Criticism From Haters

2016-10-26 21:46:18Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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The marriage breakdown of Karl Stefanovic and wife Cassandra that is now being played out in the public eye just doesn't see to be ending any time soon.

After Cassandra penned a personal Facebook post  that detailed the painful decisions behind the split and the role she played in the ratings win of the TODAY show, she has now written an even more intimate letter to Popsugar that addresses the criticism that has been unfairly aimed at her regarding her decision to leave her career for her family. 

News Corp's Angela Mollard from news.com.au wrote a piece titled 'This Is The Reason Women Shouldn't Give Up Their Day Jobs' in response to Cassandra's Facebook post.

"I know, I know, some women want to stay at home and look after the kids and sometimes it’s the only way couples where one has a high-powered role can make it work.

But if you’re a woman in the 21st century, if you’ve gone to school and possibly university, and you’ve had a career before you married then for the love of your own self-worth hang on to your paid work in any way you can. "

Cassandra rightly so has now hit back with a letter of her own that addresses the letter and her stance on the right of working mums. 

"It's such a shame that the biggest critics of women seem to be other women. Such a damn shame. If you did read the article I referenced earlier, I can guarantee you I did not write the Facebook post after drinking a bottle of red, as was suggested.

That was my first glass in the photo. I'd just poured it, to celebrate something that played a huge role in my life for so long. There was no malice intended and I certainly didn't expect to be picked to pieces for it."

We respect that everyone has their own decision and we hope that Cassandra and her family have all the support and love they need at this tough time. 

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