Judge Judy's BIGGEST Secret Ever Has Just Been Revealed!

2016-09-12 04:23:14Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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How can you not love to hate Judge Judy, the epic daytime courtroom drama show which celebrates 20 years on TV this year is one of the most infamous running  TV series of all time.

The show has made an household name of the harsh 73-year old Judge Judith Sheindlin, who has made thousands of rulings over the 5,500 episodes of the show that has aired.

However, NOTHING could have prepared us for this jaw dropping secret that has only just been revealed now.

The answer to the question that everyone is dying to know,  is after 20 years how does Judge Judy still get people on the show that know they are going to be publicly humilated on live television? How come the jig isn't up? Especially when the show specialises in just dealing with small claims, you would think that the participants would choose to resolve them in a private small court?

According to news.com.au the answer is overwhelmingly simple...

In return for appearing on the show, the producers cover ALL the costs associated in Judge Judy’s rulings.

Yep that's right... Basically that means that even if you are found to be the party in the ruling that essentially "gets served" and ordered to pay a payment or amount to the other party, then the show pays for the entire costs and you could even potentially make a little bit more money-even if she rules against you!

Wait, what! Well apparently both the plaintiff and defendant receive an appearance fee for their time on the show, which can vary depending on the amount of time you spend filming. The show also covers all your travel and accommodation expenses with Judge Judy producers flying participants to Los Angeles, paying for a hotel stay and flying them home all regardless of whether you win or lose your case! 

So essentially think of it as an all-expenses-paid holiday, with your one obligation to be showing up for a televised ‘court’ appearance.

Our minds are still blown!


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