JonBenet's Brother Thinks He Knows Who Killed Her

2016-09-20 06:04:50Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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Several new documentaries have aired about the death of pageant queen JonBenet Ramsay over the last week and Burke Ramsay, JonBenet's brother, has announced his theory about who killed his little sister.

During a three-part exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Burke discussed the murder and the events that unfolded the night that his sister was found. 

Many people have drawn their own conclusions about who killed JonBenet and the family themselves have always seemed to be at the centre of them. 

One theory, is that Burke killed JonBenet himself, but when Dr. Phil asked him if he did it, his reply was a swift "no". He then added that he was confused about where this theory even came from.

“There’s been a few people who said that’s not even physically possible for a nine-year-old to do that.”

Over the last 20 years, Burke said that he has always believed that the killer was a complete stranger. He explained that "I kinda always thought it was a paedophile who saw her in one of the pageants and snuck in".

However Werner Spitz, a retired Wayne State University professor, was involved in the case back in 1996 and thinks that all evidence still points to Burke.

"It’s the boy who did it, whether he was jealous, or mentally unfit or something … I don’t know the why, I’m not a psychiatrist, but what I am sure about is what I know about him, that is what happened here. And the parents changed the scene to make it look like something it wasn’t.”

As neither of these theories have been confirmed, we are still left to speculate who killed little JonBenet Ramsay and hopefully, the truth will soon be brought to light. 

Images: australscope, Dr. Phil, New York Daily News

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