Jonah’s Best Friend From 'Summer Heights High' Is All Grown Up And Fiiiiiine

2016-11-02 07:19:07Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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It’s been a solid NINE years since Summer Heights High swept Australia, and we’re STILL quoting it all these years later. 

Remember Jonah’s best friend & partner in crime, Leon? We did a little Google stalk and let’s just say, we’re glad we did!

Played by Asolima Tauati, we’re unsure as to whether he’s continued on with acting at all, but he definitely loves a good Blue Steel. Check it - 


He's grown up A LOT! 

Which Aussie throwback should we chase up next? Let us know on our Facebook page!    

Images: Asolima Tauati/Facebook

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