“It Was Scripted”: Contestant Craig Roach Slams Married At First Sight

2016-09-18 04:45:49Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

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Known for the fast-paced marriages and drama that comes with it, Married At First Sight has become one of the most popular shows in Australia. The surprise match-ups have been successful in the past, but unfortunately none of the most recent couples have worked out.

In the wake of the series finale, contestant Craig Roach has slammed producers for setting him up with a man who was the opposite of what he was looking for.

“It is anything but REALITY,” Craig revealed in a Facebook post, “Nothing you see was the actual events. I was filmed for five days with barely any sleep.”

Craig said he knew within 24 hours that new-husband Andy John was not a good match, which prompted him to ‘get the f**k out of there’. 

“We were required by the producers to shoot some footage of us getting to know each other as they didn’t have any, so I agreed to 2 scenes of us spending time together that was all scripted.”

On the flip side, Craig has no regrets and feels the experience solidified his self-identity.

We hope Craig and Andy both find love, whether or not it is with each other. 

Images: Channel Nine

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