Is This Proof Richie Is Moving To Melbourne For Alex?

2016-09-18 21:21:41Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Australia was delivered a huge bombshell when Richie chose Alex as his one true love on this season of The Bachelor, but we're slowly coming around and accepting that she's the one who makes him happy. 

As we adjust, reports have started to circle that Richie is following his heart even further, because he's just put his Perth Bachie pad on the market... and might be moving to Melbourne for his Victoria-based lover.!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2016/08/16/342/n/4852708/daa7c359415d7562_giphy_5_/i/Alex-Richie-regaining-breath-after-wildly-attacking-each-other.gif

Now that he's free to share his relationship with Alex with the world, and actually go out in public together, it must have occured to most of us that of course one of them would have to move states. 

Considering Alex has a child, making the move would have been quite difficult, as she explained on The Project last week.

"I have a little boy and his dad is in Melbourne as well, so it's definitely something Rich and I AND Elijah's dad will have to discuss."

It looks like Alex won this decision.

Richie's property is on the market, but only to rent for $350 a week. 

The property was subdivided by Richie a few years ago, and there's a second home at the rear which he is still believed to be occupying. 

So... does anyone fancy living next to Richie?!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2016/08/16/357/n/4852708/54a21dc809bce673_giphy_31_/i/Alex-expressing-small-amount-excitement-about-scoring-date-Richie.gif

Whatever happens, we're just glad to see this couple happy and smiling.

Love always shines through. 

Image Credits: Channel Ten / Domain / Welsh Real Estate

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