Is The Rumoured Final Bachelorette Guy A SECRET DAD?

2016-10-23 21:26:49Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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The Bachelorette is nearing its end for 2016 and we are itching to see just who Georgia is going to declare her love for, and there has been a MAJOR plot twist thrown into the mix!

Ex-Bachelorette Cameron Cranley has come out of the works to reveal an alleged secret of Lee Elliott's - that Lee is actually a father, already. 

26-year-old Cam was asked about if he had kids during an exit interview for the show and his answer either a) spilled some MASSIVE beans that were not supposed to be spilled, or b) made up the whole thing in an attempt to stir sh*t up. 

"I have told the 100 percent truth - I have no kids. But did Lee tell you about his child? Noope? Okay."

But in a turn of events, fuelled by either a) a realization he made a big boo boo, or b) a big pay off to keep his lips sealed, Cam quickly shut down his comments in another interview.

"What? No, I don't think I said that... I'm losing my voice, so I'm probably not sounding right. I probably meant to say 'kiss' or something like that and said it all wrong."

... Yes, because KISS works really well in the context of that question, Cam. 


Of course, Cam tossed a bit more fuel on to the fire with another snide remark, saying, "I should look into this, maybe I'll call Lee and see if he's got a kid".

Hopefully Cam doesn't get RSI from all the pot-stirring he is doing...

Of course, already having a child isn't a deal breaker, just look at Richie and Alex! So whether Lee does or does not have a child, he's totes still in with a chance!

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