Is The Bachelor's Eliza About To Return To Our TV Screens?

2016-08-10 23:38:42Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Eliza may have only left 'The Bachelor' last night, but she could be back on our TV screens very soon…

Even though she had admitted that it was a bit of shock exit when Richie didn’t give her a rose, the ride definitely hasn’t ended for Eliza.

According to TV Week, the Sydney budding actress, self confessed kooky cat lover, Eliza hasn’t had enough of her time in the spotlight… to be honest she is an actress so we should’ve seen this one coming.

She revealed, “I’d love to host my own chat show like Ellen, it could be called something like Lize Live… Also I was watching the previews of Survivor thinking, "Damn that looks fun!"

I’m ready to entertain and be my quirky self whenever anyone says go.

Ahhh imagine her on 'Survivor' though? With her personality it would be so epic.

Eliza clearly isn’t shy and she had also spoken to TV week about the online criticism that she received for being so “different” and of course she handled it like a boss, it hasn’t fazed her at all.

Watching it with the fam and close friends, I’m holding their hands through it all, rather than them holding me… I warned them, ‘wear your mouthguards because it’s going to be cringe factor out of control!

So any comments out there like 'Cringe, cringe, cringe!', it means I’ve made an impact. People watch the bachelor to cringe – and to watch someone fall in love obviously!

But it’s nice to be portrayed as I really am – the queen of cray! It’s good.”

Until you return… Eliza you will be missed.

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