How Did We All Miss This Strange Thing About The Bachelorette’s Sam

2016-10-07 00:13:07Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

Taylor Swift is probably my best friend. I drink too much coffee, but so do you... Weird, Wild & Free.

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We honestly have no idea how we have missed this… but The Bachelorette’s Sam has a weird AF obsession.

Someone has brought this to our attention and now we just cant un-see it.

Sam has literally worn the same freaking jacket in every episode.

Looks like Georgia might not be his true love... it’s all about the jacket. 

The first group date when they had their Mills and Boon photoshoot.


Fast forward to episode three, the boys went trapezing.


Episode five… OH HELLO JACKET

AND THEN LAST NIGHT … the jacket showed up more than it showed Georgia tbh.

Maybe it’s his lucky jacket… but then looking at next weeks promo it doesn’t look like it helps him too much.

Don't worry Sam, we love you and your jacket.

P.S Call us.

Image Credit: Channel 10

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