Here’s What Australia Thought Of MKR ‘Villains’ Tyson & Amy

2017-01-31 05:23:14Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Premiering last night, Australia got their first taste of ‘villain’ siblings Tyson and Amy, so what did y’all think? 

MKR looooove their villains, and they’ve had a fair share of them over the years, from Chloe and Kelly, to Zana and Gianni.

This year the show has sold team Tyson and Amy as ‘serious siblings’ (whatever that even means) and ‘fiery foodies’

It’s been just one episode and Twitter has grabbed on to the ‘evil’ characters, treading the line between funny and just plain cruel. Take a look -

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Image: Channel 7 

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