Here We Go Again: Bachie Contestant Pretty Much Revealed He Won Georgia’s Heart

2016-10-20 00:05:32Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Speaking to OK! Australia, it seems as though one of our beloved Bachies has really let it slip. 

The absolute stunner of a bloke (and clear fan-fav) Lee Elliot was speaking to OK! Australia the other day - and let's just say that his choice of words may have landed him in some potentially hot water with the network's producers. 

*Getting to the point* While speaking in present tense, the 35-year-old said: 

"We want to be out and we want to be doing things.

"Going out to the Yarra Valley or down the coast for lunch, that's just who we are." 

"We have so much in common when it comes to wanting the best out of life and that's what I love about Georgia." 

So, unless he's talking about his kelpie cross border collie he so obviously has, we're thinking that sounds like a CURRENT gf, not a TV fling from a couple months ago... 

Bachelorette home visits air tonight on Channel 10! 

Image credit: Channel 10

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