Has This Lapse of Judgement Revealed The X Factor’s Underdog Judge?

2016-10-08 04:18:58Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

Pop culture & reality TV enthusiast. I’ve got a degree in Lady Gaga and an addiction to Tumblr. I also have 63k tweets to my name, so that's nice.

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The X Factor has been teasing us as we try to work out who the Underdog Judge will be this season. Even though we are close to the big reveal, this minor slip-up by a certain someone may have spoiled it all together!

A fan with a very quick eye noticed that Mel B aka Scary Spice followed judges Guy Sebastian and Adam Lambert on Instagram. Interesting…

The star has been the centre of the Underdog rumours for months. If fans have got it right, Mel B would be reclaiming her chair on the panel after appearing on the show for two seasons. 

In case you were wondering, Mel B was already following third judge Iggy Azalea

To fuel the fire even more, when we went to suss out more information, we found that Mel B is ALREADY listed on The X Factor Australia’s Wikipedia page as a judge for 2016.

We can’t be totally sure, but we would be SO excited if Mel B returned to our screens! 

Image: Channel Seven

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