Goodbye Kardashians… Miley Cyrus’ Family Just Announced Their Own Reality TV Series

2016-10-13 22:50:15Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Kris Jenner may need to watch her back as it looks like the Cyrus family is about to become the official royal family of reality television.

That's right, Miley's mum, Tish, and her half-sister Brandi are starring in their very own reality called Cyrus v Cyrus that will hit our screens next year airing on Bravo.

The show, which will appear on Bravo, will follow Tish and Brandi throughout Nashville as they compete for interior design projects together. Each episode they will pitch renovaton plans to a client and then it's up to the client to select who they want as their designer, either Brandi or Tish. Whoever ends up losing winds up having to work as the other's assistant!

Talk about potential wrecking ball scenarios!

Lara Spotts from Bravo Media said that the show will be very relatable for most mother-daughters.

 "Tish and Brandi have a wonderful, funny, modern mother-daughter relationship which is completely relatable. They are equally talented designers, but with very different aesthetics, and watching them transform one home a week will be almost as entertaining as the antics that ensue along the way."

We cannot wait for this debut and wonder if Miley will make a guest appearance?!

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