Gogglebox’s Wayne Recovering After Life-Threatening Health Scare

2016-11-30 01:19:54Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Aussie couple Wayne and Tom have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas after surviving from multiple health scares. 

Speaking with Foxtel magazine, Wayne revealed, “I’ve had a couple of personal health issues. I had whooping cough and a heart attack - and I was made redundant from my job. But when one door closes another window always opens. 

“I rebounded really well and my surgeon said I must have been kissed on the arse by an angel! They managed to catch it quickly and put a stent in, and I was out of hospital basically the next day.” 


Although it came as a shock to partner Tom, he remained positive throughout the whole ordeal. 

It was a shock, but I can’t believe anything would have happened to him. I never panicked - I knew he was going to be alright.”  

This isn’t the first time Wayne has had a heart attack, Tom posted this pic to Instagram early this year -  


We're so happy Wayne is having a speedy recovery! 

Image: Channel 10 


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