Gilmore Girls May Have Forgotten To Tell Us That Rory Is Immortal Because She Hasn't Aged

2016-11-24 05:01:56Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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With only one more sleep to go, we know that just like us, you're trolling the internet for literally anything Gilmore Girls related.

We've been checking out a lot of photos from the revival, just to compare the cast to their younger selves and see how they've changed.

Everyone seems to look very different to the way they did in the original series, Dean and Jess both have very good looking stubble and of course Miss Patty has showcased her fantastic new body.

And then we realised something, Rory Gilmore doesn't seem to have aged at all!


Alexis Bledel, the actress who plays Rory in the series, is one of those actors that seems to still look young no matter what.


When taking a look back at Rory from the first episode to the new trailer, she still has the same big blue eyes, the same smile and the same innocent look about her.


We still think she's a cute little delicate flower. 

But what's her secret? How can the entire cast of Gilmore Girls change over the last 10 years, but have Rory remain the same.


Damn you Rory and your eternal good looks!


Image: Warner Bros

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