Georgia Love Had “Paid Girlfriends” Living With Her In The Bachelorette Mansion

2017-01-30 21:57:39Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Face it, it’s hard enough to find good true friends these days… so we aren’t gonna rule out this paying your friends to hang out with you situation.

While viewers of The Bachelorette were under the illusion that Georgia Love spent her time in the mansion alone… well, when she wasn’t dating 18 men… it turns out it was actually quite the opposite.

Georgia has now revealed in an interview with Mamamia, that she actually had a few "paid girlfriends" living with her and kept her company when the show was filming.

She said, “I lived with two girls the whole time I was there for support and you know, to have people with me the whole time… so they were people who work for the show but they were there just simply as my people.”

Georgia also said that even though they were paid, the girls became really close during the three months filming period.

So yes, that means the girls probably helped Georgia make the decision to pick Lee Elliott … so we probs need to thank them too!

The reality TV star continued, “They were just kind of my paid girlfriends... but I don't pay them anymore and they're still my friends.”

There are so many elements to the perfect love story.

Image Credit: Georgia Love Instagram

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