First Dates FAIL: “It Was Probably The Worst Date I’ve Ever Been On”

2016-11-15 06:59:25Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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We see a lot of awkward and cringeworthy moments on this show, but wow, this goodbye was pretty brutal. 

Blind date participants Renee and Aimee got off to a pretty awkward start with both not really knowing what to talk about. Literally, they didn’t talk about anything for a really long time.  

Things we know about them: 

1. They both travel.

2. They both like cats. 

3. Aimee was an international model. 

That’s. About. It. 

So, that’s why we were super surprised by how it all concluded. We all knew they were going to say no to a second date, but Aimee, who literally said 5 sentences the entire episode, whipped out this brutal goodbye:  

“There’s nothing that could have made the date better. For me, it was horrible. It was probably the worst date I’ve ever been on. Just because there was no connection, there was no spark, there was no nothing. Um, for dating purposes, like it’s just not, like there’s nothing there for me.” 

To which poor Renee added, “I think our types are just completely different… yep. I agree, same thing 100 per cent.” 

Geeeeez. We were squirming in our seats!

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Images: Channel 7


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