Exclusive: Keke Palmer Dishes On The "Cattiness" On Set Of 'Scream Queens'

2016-08-22 03:35:07Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It’s no secret that ‘Scream Queens’ is one if the most popular shows around… and when we caught up with Keke Palmer nothing was off limits.

Keke Palmer plays the very popular character Zayday Williams on the show and Zayday was so loved by the audience she will be back for second season.

In case you need a catch up, Season 1 of Scream Queens is out on DVD August 24.

Scoopla recently caught up with Keke and she covered all things Scream Queens

Q: What first drew you to the role?
A: Well, aside from the fact that it was Ryan Murphy, I've been a fan of his since American Horror Story season 1 so I always hoped that I would get a chance to work with him and when he called me in to talk about the project, it was like surreal. What made me feel like I really wanted to be a part of it was because he said he would give me the opportunity to do comedy. I haven't done comedy since True Jackson, VP and I was a kid then, it was a kids show. And so Ryan was like, well what type of thing would you want to do, like, what's on your mind as an actress and I was like, I really would love to take a real jab at comedy, it’s something I have always wanted to do and I've only been doing dramas for most of my career and so after that I was immediately like, I gotta do this.

Q: How are you balancing the comedy with the horror aspect?
A: I'll say this, working with Ryan, Ian and Brad, they all give you a little something different, when you work with them and I think keeping the role grounded is something that's always in the back of my mind in anything that I play. Especially as an actress when I started doing more kids’ stuff, as opposed to film and theatrical things. I was like, okay, I gotta make sure that I'm always keeping things grounded and based in reality, and that's what their ultimate goal is too because they do so many projects that take you out of what you think the real world is about. But I think that's what I love about them. Like when I watched American Horror Story season 1, we're talking about crazy stuff, like what's going on in the show, but, they still found a way to make it all seem very real and based in reality.

Q: What wisdom has Jamie Lee Curtis imparted on you?
A: She's so respectful of our growth as individuals. She shows us in examples, how to be a class act. I mean how she treats people, how she acts on set, the respect that she gives us even when she’s off camera, she's still there and she's still working and she's still giving us the same energy that she would if she was on camera. Those are the types of things that I feel like we really take in. I because, you know, not everybody has to be that way. But she's very humble and just genuine and she really cares about us.

Q: How was it being in an almost all-female cast? People think of sororities as bitchy?
A: Absolutely. And that's definitely the tone of it in the show. In the beginning, I think we all were all just trying to get to know each other. And then as the show got on we kind of all realized okay, we're all really excited to be here, so it's like, I don't feel like there's any room for any type of cattiness because we're all so grateful for the opportunity. And when you're on a show like this, you're pushed every day. With whether it's your dialogue or the intention behind your line or like she said, having to say something so unbelievably crazy and trying to figure out how to keep it grounded, that we depend on each other. It's created kind of that type of atmosphere most of anything because we love the people that we're working with, and we love the concept of the show. And so we're all so focused on that that we talk to one another like there are scenes like, I do most of my scenes with Skylar's character, Grace. There'll be these moments where she and I are in scenes like, what do you think of this? Do you think I should do it this way and it's like, that's the best, when you can lean to your actress, your fellow actor and say like, what do you think of that? Should we ad lib this or can we improve that? And that's really what it's become.

Q: Do you have off-screen cast bonding?
A: Definitely. Definitely the first week after we did like all of our promos and then we did the first week of the first episode shooting, 'cause we kind of broke it up, but the first time we went down to New Orleans we all went out for drinks, and hung out in New Orleans and we were all together. It's not like LA at all, we're all walking and we're like, a big group of 13. And just getting a real idea of, oh who are you, what's your personality like? 'Cause, you know, some people you'll meet and you're like, I've heard about you, I know about you, but I never really got a chance to meet you, and so it was really about breaking those perceptions or those ideas that you had, and getting a chance to really meet one another and talk and, you know, we just had a blast. And that's when we all talked about the fact that we were all so excited to be on the show and also very nervous at the same time because it's a big opportunity for all of us. You know, I think we all were fans of Ryan Murphy's, and Emma got to work with him in American Horror Story and so, you know, it's all about wanting to do the best you can, and that's what brought us together, I feel the most, is that we all were like, ooh, I just wanna do good, you know?

Season 1 of the killer comedy-horror, Scream Queens is out on DVD August 24.

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