Did One Of The Bachelor Girls Just Reveal The Winner By Mistake?

2016-08-11 01:56:41Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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One of The Bachelor girls might have just dropped a huge bombshell by revealing which girl Richie chooses in the end!

Eliminated contestant Eliza hinted that single mum Alex is the lady for Richie, which means the rest of the ladies should probably just go home now.

"I feel he’s already decided," she told OK! Magazine. "It’s pretty obvious to us girls that the sparks are flying between him and Alex – you could tell they had feelings for each other."

And she’s not the only former contestant on Team Alex.

"I really liked Alex, she was probably one of my favourite people in the house,’ Marja told Popsugar. "She's just a really, really lovely, beautiful person. I know that other people may have different opinions of that, but I think she's awesome and I think that she's definitely one of the front runners."

Things got pretty passionate when Richie and Alex locked lips for the first time, so we’d say these girls might be onto something here!



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