Confirmed: A Downton Abbey Movie Is On The Way

2016-09-19 02:51:00Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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It hasn't even been off our small screens for long, yet Downtonians are already yearning for more. Well, good news. More is exactly what you're about to get! 

The DailyMail has just confirmed that the dramatic TV show will be returning... but to the big screen!

And before you ask, yes, Maggie Smith will be returning as the feisty Violet Crawley.

Michael Fox, AKA Andy Parker, spoke very highly of the Dowager Countess of Grantham after it was confirmed she was returning.

"She elevates it to something else because she is such a legend," he said about the two-time Oscar winner at BBC America's BAFTA Party. 

"The film without her would still be good with all the other actors, but it puts a stamp of quality with her in it," he continued. 

It was only about a year ago that the 81-year-old actress near squashed all our hopes and dreams of a movie adaptation that would involve her legendary character. While appearing on the Graham Norton Show, she said she simply didn't think it would be possible. 

"By the time we finished, she [Violet Crawley] must have been about 110. It couldn't go on and on, it just didn't make sense..." 

Now, how will the movie compare to the near flawless telly show? Well, show creator Julian Fellowes expressed his enthusiasm for the movie at the BAFTA's on Saturday.

"I think it will be fun to get everyone together and move it to a larger scale because you have got more money to spend."

Who knows what they'll be capable of with a larger budget! 

It's still early days, so we have no word on the release date of the film, however, it's said that filming will kickstart in 2017. 

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