Buckle Up Big Bang Theory Fans, A Spin-Off Series Is Coming Your Way!

2016-11-08 04:11:44Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Huge news for lovers of the massive hit, The Big Bang Theory

The latest TV news is that a Big Bang spin-off is in the works which will reportedly follow the life of 12-year-old Sheldon Cooper

The show, said to be called Sheldon, will let us all in on the previous life of the strangely-loveable character, back when he lived in Texas with his twin sister, alcoholic dad and extremely Christian mum. 


We almost can't remember a time when The Big Bang Theory wasn't on our small screens (it was 10 years ago...) but could this mean the popular series is coming to an end? 

Reports are circulating that the 10th season of the sitcom will, in fact, be its last and that the spin-off show will take over so everyone can still get their Sheldon-kicks. Which are evidently a thing.  

Fox News reported that "While [BBT] has generated more than $US1 billion in revenue to dates, it's unlikely the networks will want to commit to an even more expensive cost-per-episode when they already have hundreds of existing episodes to draw from." 

Image credit: Warner Bros.

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