Biggest Loser Star Forced To Remove Her Toxic Breast Implants

2016-09-29 02:34:11Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Biggest Loser fan fave, Alison Braun has been forced to remove her toxic breast implants for massive health risks.

We all fell in love with Alison and admired her strength back in 2008 when she went on the journey to lose weight and battle with her demons after she lost her husband to suicide. Which left her to look after their three children alone.

Alison originally weighed at 126 kilograms. She has now lost over 66 kilograms and looks happier than ever.

Today she has taken to Instagram while in hospital, to reveal yet another hurdle in her life… she has to go under the knife for a pretty intense reason.

It would be so scary to go under the knife knowing that your kids only can depend on you. We are so glad she faced her fears and looked after her health and that she is going to be okay.

Image Credit: Alison Braun /Facebook/ The Biggest Loser


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