Bachelorette Georgia Love Used To Get Evictee Ryan To Do Her Dirty Work

2016-10-08 03:39:27Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

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There is A LOT of b*tching happening right now on The Bachelorette, and even though some of them (*cough* Rhys *cough*) would jump at the chance to spill the beans on their fellow contestants, some of them aren’t so keen on being the bad guy.

The latest Bachelor to get the boot, Ryan Palk revealed that Georgia Love used to pull him aside – and it wasn’t about getting to know him.

“She’d come to me asking for advice on who was there for the right and wrong reasons,” Ryan said, “I didn’t want to be that high school mate talking about which guys might be good for her – because if I started getting feelings for her it was going to be a pretty tricky situation for me.”

It’s safe to say Ryan had had enough, so he decided confront her at Thursday’s rose ceremony – which most likely sealed his fate. 

“I told her there were some things I didn’t like… I said ‘I don’t appreciate being in this spot anymore.’” And then he got the boot.

“I suppose [the elimination] was one of two things – either she really didn’t take it well, or she agreed with me that we were just friends.”

We’ll miss you, Ryan!

Images: Channel Ten

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