Bachelor Richie Drops A MASSIVE Hint About His Relationship

2016-08-05 04:48:28Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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While we watch with bated breath as Richie smooches and woos this season’s gaggle of Bachelorettes, former Bachelor Michael Turnbull has revealed EXCLUSIVELY to us what Bachie Richie told HIM about his new relationship.

He said he’s really happy with how it all turned outMichael revealed in a sit-down chat with Scoopla, “I know the kind of girls Richie goes for and I can see a couple cause they have those traits, so I think he’s got a tough choice

When talking about Richie’s response to the question ‘are you in LOVE’ (to which Richie responded… “I’m super-dooper happy”), Michael explains “maybe he’s just holding it off for the finale, to drop it at the finale… so we can’t really read into that… Richie is just not that great at expressing emotion, so it might not mean he’s not in love… I’m sure he’s in love, he just doesn’t know how to say it”.

Who do you think Richie has fallen for? Could it be an EPIC plot twist and be Keira?

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