Bachelor Fan Favourite Nikki Gogan Officially Turns Down The Bachelorette

2016-09-16 04:47:28Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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The people of Australia spoke pretty loudly when we said we wanted Nikki to be the next Bachelorette … but those dreams have now been crushed.

It’s still pretty raw in our hearts, but last night Richie chose Alex as his woman over fan fave Nikki… like we understand that love has to be real… but still it will take some time for us to get over the heartbreak.

Australia instantly rolled with the idea that Nikki would be the next Bachelorette because that’s the only way life would make sense again.

The hashtag #NikkiforBachelorette2017 began to trend on Twitter instantly.

Nikki was left heartbroken and sobbing after being dumped  (along with us) and today she has appeared on Studio 10 and put those rumours to rest.

She revealed that there is no way she would go back on the show, "Not at this moment. It's too raw… I feel like I'm not in the right head or heart space to be able to truly answer that question."

She added, "And on top of that, I know that's a year from now and I feel like if I focused so far ahead that I might not be open to finding my person before then."

Image Credit: Channel 10

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