Bachelor Clancy Reveals ‘I Didn’t Speak To Georgia For Two Weeks’

2016-10-14 04:57:42Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Eliminated bachelor, Clancy Ryan, has revealed that he knew his final days on The Bachelorette were coming. 

The once-bearded man spoke to following his elimination last night, saying that after his one-on-one date with Georgia, he could feel his place in the game slipping. 

“After my single date, the intruders came in and there was the elimination date …  there was a lot happening. I don’t think I spoke to Georgia for maybe two weeks, in real terms,” he said. “After my single date, I was on a bit of a high and thought I was doing pretty well. Ever since then I saw what was happening, that the relationship I’d formed was going by the wayside. I just didn’t have much time with her after that single date.”

Even though, you know, he full on let her shave off a part of him.

"It was a bit to do with the craziness that was going on, but it was also up to her. If she really wanted to see more of me, she’d see me,” he continued. 

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