Australia’s New Bachelorette Georgia Reveals How She Knows Her Newfound Love Is Forever

2016-09-20 22:59:51Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Set to make her Bachelorette debut tonight, Georgia Love will soon have everyone trying to guess which Bachie she chooses as 'the one'.

The 28-year-old former journalist didn't actually apply to be on the show, however, according to a friend of hers, it's not at all random that she will be hitting our small screens as Australia's second bachelorette. 

Ok, so not so much a friend, but a psychic. Yep, turns out Georgia is a believer - she opened up about a reading she had some time ago in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. 

"She told me I was going to meet the man of my dreams at some kind of big formal event where there are lots of people in the room," she said. "Lots of well-dressed men and the person I end up with is going to be in that group of people."

Now... We're not sure where you stand with psychics, although, for the sake of the story let's just say you're all for them. 

So, we have a formal event, lots of people and well-dressed men - sounds pretty bang on the money of the set of The Bachelorette if you ask us. 

In the interview she continued, "she said it will be for life, that my man is out there and that is how I will meet him." 

In Ten's promo for our second season of The Bachelorette, Georgia says, "I've quit my job... It's a huge gamble, but I know I want to find love."

Let's just hope this psychic knows her stuff! 

Catch Georgia and all her eligible bachelors tonight at 7.30pm on channel 10! 

Photo credit: Channel 10/Tenplay

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