Australian Survivor Just Pulled Off A BETTER Tribal Council Than US Survivor

2016-08-31 03:15:44Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Australian Survivor has stepped up its game after pulling off one of the best tribal councils of all time.

We knew we were in for a treat last night when the three tribes discovered that only one of them would receive immunity in this episode’s Immunity Challenge. That meant two tribes would each be forced to vote out a member at Tribal Council.

At this point Survivor fans weren’t that surprised, because Double Tribal Councils are so common that they have their own wiki page. Plus they’re old – US Survivor hasn’t done one since 2010. But it was still a sign that things were about to get interesting.

But then things started to heat up when challenge losers Vavau and Saanapu arrived at Tribal Council and found themselves sitting next to each other. This meant they had an intimate look at the workings of the other tribe.

Vavau kept things pretty close to their chests, but Saanapu decided to let everything out. Kylie pulled out her Immunity Idol and put it around her neck, leading to Matt blasting her in front of everyone and calling the move a “bluff”.

Then Connor and Flick went at it, with accusations flying about who would or wouldn’t throw other members of their alliance under the bus. Matt also got involved and denied he had ever told Connor that Flick would betray her island bestie Brooke.

Finally it was time to vote, and we all assumed this explosive Tribal Council was coming to an end. But then Jonathan LaPaglia dropped a massive bombshell. The tribes hadn’t voted someone off the island – they had voted for that person to be swapped to the other tribe.

There have been tribe swaps in US Survivor before, but it’s never been done like this. This was something completely new.

Nick was voted off Vavau, while Saanapu’s vote ended in a tie between Flick and Connor. Even with a re-vote they returned another tied result, and the tribe members were left to come to a unanimous decision about who they were voting out.

Connor eventually agreed to go across to the other tribe.

But that wasn’t all. Jonathan pulled off another blindside by announcing that Nick and Connor could each choose a member of their original tribe to take across with them. Nick chose Tegan, Connor chose Sam, and everybody was left feeling completely confused and excited.

Best Tribal Council ever? It’s definitely up there with Parvati’s double idol play!

Australian Survivor airs Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm on Ten.

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