Australian Survivor Is Here But How Does It REALLY Compare To The US Version?

2016-08-22 01:36:18Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Australian Survivor has finally hit our screens, but how does it compare to the original US version?

Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong?

As a Survivor megafan who has never missed an episode of the original show and has watched both the original Australian Survivor and Celebrity Survivor, here is my assessment.

The Location
Upolu, Samoa – the same island that was used for filming four seasons of US Survivor. A great choice, and MUCH better than the terrible dusty setting of the first Australian Survivor.

The Look And Feel Of The Show
This is where Australian versions of US reality shows often fall short, but not this time around. The show looked and sounded like US Survivor, even down to the sound effects used at tribal council, the epic sweeping landscape shots and the opening titles.

The Opening
The contestants were driven through the jungle on the back of open trucks. It wasn't as jawdropping as some of the US Survivor openings, but immediately dropping the teams into a reward challenge to get fire and supplies was a good icebreaker plus a great topic of discussion on social media.

The Host
Look, no one can really match up to Jeff Probst – but Jonathan LaPaglia did a pretty great job. There’s definitely shades of Jeff in the way he narrates the challenges and talks to the contestants, but hopefully he’s able to make it his own.

The Pacing
At nearly two hours, the episode was long. Some elements seemed stretched out, and at times it was a little slow. But we did get a significant amount of time with each tribe, and a focus on survival elements, shelter building and fire making – something which everyone failed at. We saw one shelter collapse, and another get swept away by waves.

The Cast
It’s definitely not the most diverse bunch, but there’s a reasonable range of ages at least. There’s also enough people in the cast who are familiar with Survivor that alliances and strategic conversations emerged immediately. We got a great villain in Des, but then lost him at our first tribal council.

The Challenges
Epic! Straight out of the US Survivor playbook. The Immunity Challenge had everything – climbing walls, nets and a puzzle that was much harder than it initially looked.

The Injuries
Connor burnt himself in the fire, emulating one of the most iconic Survivor moments of all time. His burn was nothing compared to Michael Skupin’s terrifying fire dive in Survivor season two, which saw him evacuated from the game.

The Verdict
If you’re already a fan of Survivor, this is definitely up to the standard you’re used to. If you’re not a fan of Survivor, it’s time to step in line and get into it because this is a show everyone’s going to be talking about.

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