Australian Survivor Contestant Lee Opens Up About Relationship With El'

2016-10-11 04:49:30Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Australian Survivor fan favourite Lee Caseldine has FINALLY broken the silence about all this speculation about his post-show fling with El Rowland.

Lee Caseldine told The Daily Telegraph"Outside the show, it's all about getting to know each other. It's been a bit of a whirlwind, trying to get back to work and into real life."

"We're both from Brissie so we try and catch up time to time, she's got little Darcy and I've got my boys," he said.

The Survivor hot bod addmitted that love wasn't from tof his mind when he applied for the show. 

"It was more about Survivor. But obviously you’re always open to it, you never shut down any doors. El and I formed a really strong bond the whole time we were on the island. We went through hell, and got on like a house on fire," he added.

We still don't want the bromance between Lee and Sam to end...


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