Australia Was Divided After The Project Aired A Segment On ‘Fat Yoga’

2016-08-31 00:16:41Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Last night on The Project, they aired a segment on ‘fat yoga’ and it’s safe to say that Australia had very different opinions.

Sarah Harry has launched a new thing called ‘fat yoga’. Basically it’s a place for people of “larger size” to go and feel comfortable in their surroundings, to work out without being judged and to get healthy.

Yoga is meant to be something of balance and acceptance, but sadly over the last couple of years it has become the opposite.

So by launching ‘fat yoga’ they are removing the standards of the perfect yoga body and making it for everyone…

‘Fat yoga’ encourages these people to love being called fat and to take away the negative angle. Over the last couple of months it has become extremely popular.

There is one rule to join and one rule only, you can’t be thin.

While most people agreed with the health and people being comfortable in their surroundings… not everyone agreed with the name of ‘fat yoga.’

Basically, people believe that the name is labelling people and making them stand out away from others who can do “normal yoga”. By doing this it will then make others assume it is okay to call other people fat.

And others... well, they loved the idea.

Society has created this perfect yoga body as a stereotype… when you Google yoga body you’re spammed with pictures of models.

People who have now joined the “fat yoga” class have said that going to yoga was intimidating and felt like it was a fashion parade and that they didn’t fit in and often felt excluded because they constantly had to look at an unrealistic body image.

When asked if someone got kicked out if they lost too much weight in the ‘fat yoga’ class… Sarah’s answer was, “we will cross that when we get to it.”

We are all for being proud of your body, but we don’t agree with having a label attached to it.

You can watch the full episode of The Project here.

Image Credit: The Project, Channel 10


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