Australia Had Some Strong Reactions To The Bachelor’s Chocolate Bath Date

2016-08-26 00:06:35Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

Digital Producer. Believer of all celebrity conspiracy theories. Most likely to be in bed by 9pm. Once kissed Harry Styles (on the cheek).

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The Bachelor took creative dates to the next level on last night’s episode.

After indulging in a chocolate face painting session, Richie and Alex changed into their best swimsuits and jumped into a bath filled with liquid chocolate.

And the viewers at home lost their minds.

Richie then handed Alex a chocolate covered rose, which she showed off to the other girls when she told them about their date.

To be honest this was one of the most fun dates this season. We'd be happy to see Richie attempt to top this with an even weirder date next week!







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