Are These Pictures Proof That Sharon From Married At First Sight Is Pregnant?

2017-03-20 01:34:54Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We are all hanging out for the finale of Married At First Sight and to get the goss on the couples… but some things may have been given away a bit too early.

According to new reports, Sharon and Nick could be expecting their first child together!

New Idea has managed to get some pics of Sharon out in Perth shopping for baby supplies.

The pics show Sharon looking at baby bibs in a supermarket and then she was also seen leaving the store and putting a baby bouncer into a car, while carrying a bag full of baby clothes. See the pics here!

A witness told New Idea, “She was absolutely glowing and kept on picking up these tiny romper suits and cooing over them.”

Now listen, there's a VERY high chance that she could’ve just been shopping for a friend's baby shower, let’s be real we are all at the age when this goes down.

BUT, in saying that, the twins have been pretty vocal about wanting children, especially Sharon.

Friend and fellow MAFS star, Andrew Jones, has been extremely supportive of both Sharon and Michelle, telling New Idea, “Sharon is so clucky, she thought she would have kids by the time she was 30 and she is not willing to give up on that dream.”

If these pregnancy rumours are true, we wish them all the best.

They will be amazing parents!

Image Credit: Channel Nine

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