Apparently Two Of Richie’s Bachelorettes Have Fallen In Love With Each Other

2016-09-09 01:19:59Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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They may not have found love with Richie, but it seems that two of his Bachelorettes have found love with each other!

According to reports, The Bachelor’s Megan Marx, 27, and Tiffany Scanlon, 29, are in a relationship together.

The rumours started after they posted couple of topless and nude pictures to their Instagram accounts over the past week… which have since been deleted.

The girls have now come forward and told OK Magazine, exclusively that "Sometimes you just meet people who you have a strong connection with and I guess that started in the house and it never finished."

After they both left the show, Tiffany moved to Geraldton, WA to be with her new bestie, Megan…this is when the topless photos followed.

It is also believed that Megan told OK that she "doesn’t deny that the pair are an item when asked." And apparently she also admitted she and Tiff are both "open to dating a person of the same sex."

Megan also added, "I think that when it comes to attraction, for me, it’s usually a connection of minds and humour before anything else… I’m traditionally attracted to men but I don’t rule anything out… I would say that Tiff’s in the same boat."

Neither of the girls have 100% confirmed that they are together, but Megan has also said that that they "see each other every day" ever since Tiff moved to closer to be with her "kindred spirit."

Whether they are in love or not, these two are ultimate friendship goals and we love that The Bachelor is the reason they are so close!

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