Andy From ‘The Block’ Finally Found Love Whilst Filming The Show!

2016-11-03 03:41:35Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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All season long we’ve heard Ben go on about how Andy is single and in need of a woman in his life. 

NOW, it seems as though Ben’s wingman-ing attempts were successful because Women’s Day has just confirmed that Andy is single no more! 

The 25-year-old apparently met new gf, Louise, in a surf shop whilst filming the show. The two recently stepped out as a couple at Channel Nine’s pre-Emirates Melbourne Cup party this week, check it - 

A source (no, for reals) told the gossip mag, “Andy and Lou are really happy and he dotes on her, the relationship is going really well and it is nice for him to have someone because Ben is dating.”

Congratulations Andy!  

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