Alex Nation Reveals Why Richie Hasn’t Met Son Elijah Yet

2016-10-12 04:18:06Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Richie's new love Alex doesn't try to hide the love she has for her new beau and son, Elijah

She constantly flaunts the love she has for the two boys on her social media account, so, it may come as a surprise that Richie has never actually met her adorable son. 

In a recent post to Instagram, the 25-year-old holds her son lovingly and captions, "Richie, you're not the only cutie that can hand out a rose."

In the comment section, however, the Bachelor winner revealed the two boys haven't actually met yet. 

“My two handsome boys are still yet to meet...however, I just know with my whole heart that Richie will be awesome,” she wrote in the comment section of her post.

“When Elijah meets Richie that will be a very special moment for us, it’s something that we don’t want to rush and it’s important to us that we wait until the time is right xx.”

Alex is receiving nothing but love and support from her huge following, who say it's great that she's not rushing anything between the two main loves of her life. 

We're sure Elijah is going to LOVE Richie! Like, come on, who wouldn't! 

Image credit: @alexandranation Instagram

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