ABC Host Explains She Felt She Was Getting "Too Old" For Television After Being Blasted By Fans

2017-02-08 02:52:32Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The host of a popular ABC program has been slammed by fans after leaving the show.

Viewers of Good Game, have said that host Stephanie 'Hex' Bendixsen's departure from the show is what caused its eventual cancellation.

This is pretty harsh and according to the presenter, her reasons for leaving had nothing to do with the show at all.

In a very heartfelt post on Facebook, Stephanie revealed that she received a direct email from a girl named Faith "who was very upset and angry about my decision" to leave the show.

She didn't post the email but instead posted an honest reply revealing the real reason that she decided to move on.

"I can imagine from your perspective you must feel betrayed and angry. I'm not sure if explaining my decision to you will make any difference, but I figured since you took the time to share your feelings, I can at least try to do the same."

"First of all, as someone looking from the outside in, you can only make judgments based on your own assumptions.

"It may seem like I simply abandoned Good Game on a whim for the sake of a paycheck... however, the reality is, when I was approached with the opportunity, I agonised over it for nearly six months.

The presenter explained that over seven years she enjoyed her experience at the ABC, but asked Faith, "am I bound to stay in the same role for the rest of my life?"

"I had seven, incredible years on Good Game. So, when I was offered a new opportunity I had to really think about what leaving would mean for me: Saying goodbye to the ABC, to my partnership with Bajo, to the identity that comes with being 'Hex from Good Game'.

"I had to accept that those things don't define me, and that even if this new project failed - I could at least say that I took a huge leap and tried to build something new."

Getting a bit f-f-frosty! ❄️🍹

A photo posted by Stephanie Bendixsen (@hexsteph) on


She then explained that now, being in her 30's, she was worried about becoming "too old" for television.

"As a woman in my 30's, I'll be honest - working in television is scary.

"Every year I wonder if I'll soon be considered 'too old' to be able to forge a lasting career in television. If I lost my job suddenly - who would want to hire me?"


She explained that her decision was hard but necessary for the sake of her career. 

She said she never thought that they would cancel Good Game and thought that it could have continued without her.

The letter is so emotional that it makes us teary, but it also explains that making your own decisions is better that making decisions based on other people's opinions.

You do you.


We hope your new project does extremely well Stephanie!

Image: ABC

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