A BBC Presenter Made A Huge Mistake This Morning & It's Too HILARIOUS

2017-01-08 00:32:26Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Everyone's worst nightmare is doing something stupid whilst on live television!

There have been some pretty great blunders over the years, but this morning we had our very first blunder of 2017, courtesy of the BBC.

Earlier this morning, BBC Breakfast co-anchor Jon Kay started to introduce the show's next guest.

He explained that the guest was to be Leslie Binns, a veteran and mountaineer who heroically turned back only 500m away from the summit of Mount Everest to help a fellow climber. 


As amazing as this feat may be, whilst Leslie was being introduced, there was a blantant side-eye between Jon's co-host Rachel Burden and the guest.

It looked pretty awkward on screen, but made a bit more sense when the guest chimed in after the introduction saying, "I think you have the wrong guest, sir."


Rachel let out an audible "aah" after comment, but it was pretty obvious she already knew about the mistake.

The guest was actually political expert Dr Todd Landman,  and luckily, he helped the team recover from their on-screen blunder.



What a time to be alive!

Image: BBC

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