5 Things You'll Hear Every Basic Girl Say During The Bachelorette

2016-09-21 06:39:59Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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With The Bachelorette premiering tonight, we know everyone will be tuning in. 

Having Gogglebox in every house to see the reactions to the first episode would be heaven, especially so we can see what the basic girls of Australia thought of the show.

Unfortunately we're not that lucky so here's what we think they thought throughout The Bachelorette premiere.

1. *picks up iPhone* OMG I have to snap the girls my Bachy set up

2. That guys hot, I wonder if I should DM him on Insty?

3. *stares at boyfriend* why don't you get me roses?

4. OMG he's so hot! I'm going to take a selfie with him *takes selfie against the television*

5. *posts screenshot of episode on Instagram* can I be the Bachelorette please?

Images: Channel Ten

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