5 Things You Need To Know About The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey Before Tonight's Viewing

2016-09-20 02:40:30Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

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Okay so if last night's spin tingling episode of  'The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey' didn't turn even the biggest of skeptics into amaetur detectives for the duration of episode, then this is what you need to get your head around as we are literally excited AF for part two to air tonight.

1. The Ransom Note

Let's be serious for starters the ransom letter found at the Ramsey's house was weird AF... A long , rambling letter that the detectives believe was written using inspiration from films such as Dirty Harry didn't exactly add up and left many of the experts on the show deemed it very suspicious.

2. Money Talks

In the ransom note which is addressed directly to John Ramsey, the note asks for a very interesting sum of money in order for the "safe return of JonBenet".  However, what is truly puzzling is the money asked for was $118,000 which is the EXACT sum of money that John Ramsey had received as a bonus that year through his business.

3. 911 Call

A large chunk of the episode was  dedicated to the 911 phone call made by Patsy Ramsey. The experts spoke at large about her suspicious her choice of words were, including not even saying the name of her missing daughter at all throughout the duration of the call!  The length of the call was also questioned which leads too.. 

4. What happened during those "missing"six seconds?

In the phone call, Patsy abruptly hangs up in the middle on the 911 operator, however, what she doesn't realise is that the 911 despatcher is still on the line. The person who took this call was 911 despatcher Kim Archuletta who believes those six seconds that are inaudible, play a valuble role in the case. 

"What bothered me immensely was that it sounded like she said, 'OK we’ve called the police, now what? And that disturbed me. So I remained on the phone, trying to hear what was being said. It sounded like there were two voices in the room, maybe three different ones. I had a bad feeling about this. To me, it seemed rehearsed."

5. Was Burke Ramsey actually asleep?

Throughout the history of the case, Patsy and John Ramsey have always claimed that Burke was asleep and played no role in the discovery of his sister's body or the 911 call, but if there were three voices that were heard on the phone call... just how accurate is this theory? 

Well hopefully tonight for you sleuths out there, all will be revealed as part two is set to air on Channel 9 at 8.40pm!

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