13 Years Later, Here's What Happened To Gavin And Waz From 'The Block'

2016-09-12 06:36:12Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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It's been 13 years since The Block premiered on our TV's and while we've seen couples smash their way through a STACK of episodes, it got us thinking - whatever happened to our fav gay couple Gav and Waz?

We did a little snooping online and found that the boys now own a company called The Designer Boys - who deal in wholesale art.


Let's not skip over the last decade though - after appearing on the show, the boys carved out a career as highly sought after interior designers! After the show wrapped, they started styling homes for sale - at one point doing 750 homes in one YEAR!

What we love about this pair is their relationship was so strong, not only did it survive reality TV, but now all these years later they are still going strong - awww!

Photo credit: The Designer Boys

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